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Reviews for "LL - Fire and YOU"

Good.... but...

Whenever I come across a lock or clock animation, I'm not too fond of the whole theme... but I give them a shot still for the artistic side of things, and have been known to like them in the past.

I liked this one all but for one thing: It was rather slow-moving. If it could go just a touch faster, it would be great.

MasterLock responds:


So cute

You did a great job with the animation and the music suited the theme so well. This am rox.

MasterLock responds:

Thanks for the super 10. I love that music too. :D

Nice job :)

Cool movie =), but the apathicness of masterlock and how slow everything was happening kinda made the movie a tad bit boring. Jsut something to think baout when amkign your next movie.


MasterLock responds:

Yeah, that's pretty much the only negative comment I ever get...or the occassional "OMFG LOCKS ARE TEH SUCK!!!1!uno"


That was entertaining. I didn't get the part about firelock or flamelock or whatever. Great work, though!

MasterLock responds:

There was no FireLock, you must be talking about WaterLock, he was the one that "sacrificed" himself to put out my flames.


Nicely done! GUG!


MasterLock responds:

Thank you, gug!