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Reviews for "LL - Fire and YOU"

There's always room for improvement!

Not the best, but it's a good one, better than NcNoob's shit.

Work hard and you'll improve!

<3 WaterLock

P.S.: You evaporated me in your movie.

MasterLock responds:

lol thanks for the review. I'm working on a pretty damn good movie right now. Stupid procrastination and attention span.


A tad old for us Locks, but a good one none the less.
Anti-locks are ass-holes U=<

MasterLock responds:

Assholes they are, Skor.


Nicely done! GUG!


MasterLock responds:

Thank you, gug!

Old-timey fun!

Awesome old-school movie dude!

MasterLock responds:

Thank you kind sir :)

AKA-stoned is not the brights one in the box

1. I havent seen this move yet
2. Its a Lock movie so I going to be good
3. Its Lock movie NOT Clocks

Duh *Hits chest like a retarted person*

MasterLock responds:

You must not have read his review carefully. He was misleading the reader by confusing clocks with locks, and then saying that locks were cool. Thanks for the review.