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Reviews for "Poninjas Episode Three"


this one is 20173097848064873x better than that bootleg one ^^

another kickass addition to the series

i like the star wars effect pretty fun with the force powers and all that shit gotta hand it to him pretty dam good with ninjas

Definitly an improvement.

It's a lot better than the other jedi one for sure. But it still is missing that fast pace action that the other ones have. Still, it's worthwhile seeing it once or twice.

Force, Use The Force

Well,,,, its better then the last Jedi Episode,,, but still not better then the first two Episodes,,,,, the animation was kind of bad,,,, it was Slow in some parts,,, I liked the "Star Wars" theme song,,,, and ya,,, you need to Add More Blood and Guts,,,,

The force was not Good.

You should add some blood more bullettime, and get rid of that force!!