Reviews for "Poninjas Episode Three"

that was awsone

that was a good movies to bad it wasnt longer

Poninjas 3 Alpha Zero Championship Edition Rocks!

Great, I found the original 3 I set back from the first two, I can't wait for a return of this series. Only problem is it's length, but that was because the original was too short, you totally improved it!


Ever since the pirate poninja's episode I saw a while back, I've loved each and every second of these flash's. Everything is spot on about them from sound to graphics to violence. <3.


this is great but why havent u released ep 7 yet T.T


i really liked that one man that was cool as hell, and id like to see More oh By the way You gave this entry a 5, raising its score from 3.5641 to 3.5723!
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keep the animations coming man