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Reviews for "Poninjas Episode Three"

Why isn't this score higher? It's like my favorite in the series! Sure, it was short, but it was awesome. It helps that I love "Star Wars" so much. I loved the Death Star in the background. There was just so much going on.

How can you go wrong with lightsabers? The music was awesome too. Thanks for telling us where it came from. Well, everyone does that. This was a very fun cartoon.

Watched the lot of these waaay back, now I'm watching them again! :) Apparantely I reviewd all of them already except this one, which coincidentally seems to be the first one with background music and eh... background. It's much shorter than the previous three, but the effect are much much nicer than they were before, and i already know they keep getting better. This is still the best Madness spin-off ever made, rivalling the original, even. If you ever pick up the series again that would be awesome!


put blood in it and make it longer

haghahhahhaahahahahahhahahahahahaahha hahahahahhaahahahahfahhahahahah okay and im dead


Epic Series


Its better yet needs to be longer.I rate 8