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Reviews for "Neo-Bender SE"

Adressing last viewer

I think when they said that he is virutally innocent of every computer crime they had a law for, I think the author had in mind that the guy in this movie knows nothing about computers. ;)
Good movie, btw


That movie was funny as hell! I liked when Bender killed that little annoying Pissbury Doughboy! Keep up the good work!


Too bad everyone who has never made a flash movie before or doesnt have a profile reviews this low. And everyone that has loves it. Look through it youll notice the same pattern through 3 pages.

This is great,i do 3D flash too but i could never make this. You are a genious and your devotion to flash is an inspiration.


The Neo Bender Movie was some of the best Flash I've ever seen. I'm also glad that my computer is hella fast with DSL so that made the movie that much better!


ULtra COmeDY