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Reviews for "Neo-Bender SE"

That was frickin awesome!

I don't know if I've already reviewed this movie...but I just saw it again...and it kicked ass...this is one of the best portal entries I've ever seen. The animation was smooth...the voices weren't scratchy, and overall it kicked ass. Keep up the good work. I've got a slow ass computer and that was defintely worth the wait.


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Funny. I like how you put the pillsbery guy in there. That was original, I think. =p

good stuff

lol summat funny ass shEEIT woot tat was awsome!!!!!

Amazing... purely amazing...

That was amazing- both the detail, sound, animation, length, EVERYTHING... i don't know how you can draw so well but it was amazing... the only thing you could put is a scene selector and a play/pause/rewind button... :-)