Reviews for "DragonBall CG Ep2"

This is funny

I don't even watch dragonball z that much but the voices and stuff are all very funny. I also like it because android 18 is in it and she's my favourite character.


I love the CG series =D Can't wait for number 3.
Trunks: Ah Krillen you just ruined my date
*Door slams*
Krillen: No Trunks you really gotta come.......FREIZA!


Fantastic! a brilliant run up from the first episode! i couldnt make out was 19 was saying half the time tho, but never the less absoloutly excelent!

5 for u dude!
keep up the great work!

- TheEmperor77 -

cna you do another DBZ parady like "Is that ok?"

these were ok but we all liked it best with actual dubbing from the show like the flash you made called "Is THAT OK?" that one was the best you ever made!! can you do another???

nice work agian

this is so funny
don't forget to make ep 3 , is that ok? : )