Reviews for "DragonBall CG Ep2"


I was lauging so hard when they went Cheese Butter Owwowowweweeweweewewewewewowewewe

Brilliant keep making these


God that was funny if only I could give u a 12/10!!!!

MAKE MORE!!!!!!!

That was so great! You even made Dr. Gero have more personality!
19 was like fat buu and Imperfect Cell was funny and not a absorbing maniac, but it would be nice if he would become perfect in the next one or so. Anyway, I give this a WOOT!!! ALL MY 5 R BELONG TO THIS, because you deserves it! Please make more by the way.

"IT'S UBBUU!!" ><

Dude this series rocks! You must make a third part! I was laughing alot but couldnt quite understand what android 19 was saying all the time."Fat fat fat FAT!" I love it when cell just slaps Ubb into outer space, the voice acting is fun and so is the scene with the long distance phone call. Also if you get around to making a third episode, it would be hilarious if it showed fireza putting makeup on! ^^


That was the best!Make more soon!