Reviews for "DragonBall CG Ep2"

I really do like this. It's weird watching this and then knowing "Dragonball Super" came later. I didn't think "Dragonball GT" was the worst, but Super is much better. The animation is very nice. The goofy voices work quite well too. This is all done in good fun.

Android 19 has probably the funniest voice. I like the idea of Goku and Vegeta playing games. While not as good as Dragonball Abridged, still fun. Dang, a lot of stuff with "Dragonball Z" has been done since then. I liked the scenes with the different characters.

Now we need animations with Old Man.

goku cheated in mario!jhe never cheats!they love mario hahaha!

him randomly putting chace's face and saying cheese was hilarious the first time.. but thts almost all

I love this video it is so funny.