Reviews for "Lion King - F-777 ReMiX"


I felt like the Lion King Theme went away when you used the synthesizer... You made it EXTRA loud too. The Lion King Theme song makes a calm profound emotion in everyone of us. I feel like you destroyed the feeling with the synthesizer. I'm not saying it was bad, but maybe try a different instrument?



Brilliant favorite song by Disney and favorite movie.......you nailed it man!!!!!!

Sega Genesis

This reminds me of the music i heard playing lion king on the SEGA GENESIS.

Way awesome

A combination between my favourite NG music artist and favourite Disney film was destined to be awesome. I'm impressed by your ability to have the notes down after not listening to the song for so long! It's both fun and emotional to listen to.

BlazePyron has a good point...

+ = :D
- = hmm, look into it.

+Slower, legato, flowing section was amazing. Loved it :)
+Mixing was astounding.
-The more intense section was too staccato, shortened. I think that style makes for a GREAT transition sound, but make the melodic approach for the "chorus", persay, more flowing. Maybe instead of a gated feel, go for connected pulses. Connected, but still a trailing off of the notes of the melody. The piece loses its beauty otherwise.

***Wow though, this is a great piece. Nice remix idea. I like when people remix the songs you don't even think about :)