Reviews for "Lion King - F-777 ReMiX"

Some problems, but still amazing XD

Man I love the lion king song, and you just made it better. The ambient part at the beginning was just awesome. It had a lot of fullness in it and started the song very nicely, but then, after the ambient part at 0:54, it turned into dance. It would've been fine but with a bass after every note it sounded pretty strange. Well, after that, it got louder and better, and went back in ambient again, which was pretty cool. You should put in some high bells playing the main melody with some note additions or something in the second ambient part. The ending was wierd, though. End it with an ambient note or something, maybe that'll sound better. Anyway, as for the song in general, it's fantastic and a great remix of the original. Good job on it, I enjoyed it immensely. Keep it up XD.

(title in work)

When turning the entire song into an electronic beat as you did, it really just sounds quite generic to me. A good tune, but not one I'm going to save to listen to later. I can't really tell if you did this or not, but did you use any parts from the original song to incorporate into this? That would have probably made it a bit less stale for me.

F-777 responds:

Nope i comepletely redid the pads and strings =).

Thanks for the review!


Your use of instruments in this are just fantastic. I really can't find anything to criticize about this! I couldn't love this anymore, really, I'm to the maximum loving levels.

Wonderful job.


The thing I remember most about this song is how essential it was to the movie, and how it was strong and also soft at the same time. I feel like this should be in a kingdom hearts game. I love it.


Nice but...

I LOVE this song and the remix that you made here... but im not so sure about the ending