Reviews for "Nick and Anthony"


I watched it over and over again!! too funny

I REALLY laughed out loud!

That was the funniest thing i saw on newgrounds up to now!
It's one of the few flashes that build one joke to a climax (no pun intended) and not have a sequence of half-funny situations that are somehow put into a loose context.
Graphics were okay, sound got better during the thing, overall it's a straight 10 because it was really, really, roflmao-style funny.


Awesome work hunterkiller

the keg is pleased :P

Suggestion - On the start when it comes up nick and anthony, put the characters below the names so we know whos who.

MAaaaaaake mooooooore


Funny as hell, but the sound was pretty bad, but then seemed to improve.

Cant say that Nick (or Anthony whoever it was) didnt enjopy watching

This could be more

OMG that was so funny, maby good enough 2 be on adult swim, u know a mini series, i mean if the 12pint mouse made it on urs could put that thing 2 shame, i mean that show is like drawn with a crayon, i loed the part where hes panting lol so funny, really talk 2 cc(adultswim) give em a sample send em a tepe, yhey really might say yes. its worth a shot right?