Reviews for "Nick and Anthony"


absoloutly hilarious!
I loved it
more! more i say....
but make sure the ideas are just as fresh

nice work

that guy has no taste what so ever he turned off monty python ffs!
Red sauce is unbearable it was invented for children whos mums can't cook.


LOL even my dad laughed at this one! Great work man, who cares if you took the idea from a TV show(if you did that is), you animated it then put your own twist and made it original. Everything was done fairly well. In my review i will briefly explain each aspect.

The graphics were great, i love your animating style, and how you made everything work together. The drawings were good, they were a little different than the ordinary. The colours and backrounds were nice, the backrounds were fairly detailed and it seems youput effort into them. The style of this movie was good, but mostly because of your animating style. The idea was ok, but not the most original out there, but your animating style looks totally new to me. The feel was ok, but nothing special about it. The sound was good, but for some reason i felt as though something was lacking. The voices were pretty good, even though no actual words were spoken, it was kind of funny. The sound effects were cool and the audio quality was decent. The humour in this was awesome as i have already said. You presented this "not so original" idea in a way that i loved. I laughed at the end!

Overall very good job, definitely deserving of its score or perhaps a little higher. Either way im giving you a 4/5.


just thought everyone should know that he stole the entire idea from a show on HBO called "sketch pad 2". and it wasn't even that funny when they did it, with real people, so this was just retarded.

hunterkiller77 responds:

hmmm, never heard of that show. Probably because we dont get HBO over here

Dude, u rock!

Man. that is absolutelty hilarious!!!!
Plus, me and mi best m8's names r Anthony, nd Nick!!!! Haha!
Keep it up!