Reviews for "Nick and Anthony"

That was so funny.

ROFL. Lmao... all that good stuff. That was the funniest flash I have seen since Dad's Home or The Real Legend. You did great. I see great things in their future.

Holey Fuc'n $hit!



((( ROFFL )))

Great idea, i like the idea for this episode you had here the way he walks in on him like that was really funny, and the expression on his face was great haha, i also like how it was a short animation with a great story. The characters, and animations in this were smooth, and it had good detail...

Keep up the good work...


pe this will be a good series

That was friggin' hilarious and I liked the TV sounds...

"I don't get mad. I get stabby..."

However the voice recording wasn't the greatest and the movements need some work. Besides that, great Flash!


Magical. ;_;