Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"


Oh man, the title alone made me laugh. Hitlet! and! DAVE! lmao and dave's all - "Yeah! Hey! This dudes Hitler! LOOK! HEY YOU! .. He... HES HITLER!" lol

Funny as..........Fuck

Brilliant very funny good animation 3! THUMBS UP!


ok good graphics but sound was kinda low


Sorry, but the joke(s) just aren't really funny. I get bored pretty easily with things like this, and wonder when it'll be over. But still, I bet if you made another toon with alittle more action, I'd rate it higher.

Oh. My. God.

Adam, let me tell you something. I am completely, utterly, born in Israel, pure-blooded Jewish. And this is one of the worst flash I have ever seen.

Naw, i'm just pulling your leg. This flash is completely awesome. Keep up the good work, buddy! All those people who say this is racist are obviously illiterate and stupid. If they cannot recognize a joke when they see one, they should visit Hitler in Hell. How about making a flash about Stalin and a badger in a Nazi "Summer Camp", next, eh?

Hhaha, good job.