Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"


I'm sorry- although the animation was pretty funny, I got more laughs out of the responses you put for some of the reviews (hence the score!!!). Damn- I wish more of your sardonic humor in anything else you make! (Maybe a movie making fun of the Taiping Rebellion and see how many people bitch!)


I liked it, but i saw so manny others didnt...

Sorry peeps, get a life its a joke, not the start of fking WWIII. Its a shame that people cant laugh aboot things that happent more then 60 years ago,come on, u wernt there, the only stuff you heard was from gramps. And most of u are from the USA wich had nothing to do with the war in the first place ( before d day anyway ).

So start bitching movies that are crappy and stupid instead of some dude who tries to make a laugh aboot a dark page in history

Btw those ovens were for making bread! deal with it !


I'm Jewish, i wasn't freaking offended by this. The only thing that was even in the least bad about it (or out of the usual) was the using of the word Kike. But i think what I'm worried about is the fact that the only reason this flash is getting high reviews is because it has a controversial subject matter. Maybe if it was all that funny, then I'd agree. But the sound did kind of suck. Kudos on the animation though, it was very impressive. I don't mind the subject matter, I've seen funnier animations involving Hitler though, and you didn't make the top five in Hitler flash movies. keep up the work though.


I think you are sick.
You cant just come and submit an animation about a historic event with such results.
If you find this funny - you need some fucking therapy.

You said in the author's comments: "reviews are accusing me of anti semitism"
And than we have a respond to a review you wrote:

"You're lucky I'm straight or I'd hunt your gay jew ass down and fuck the living shit out of your ass "

Doesnt this sound a bit racist for you?
Like, what the fuck were you thinking, that by submiting this kind of movie you will have all perfect 10 reviews and everyone would find it funny?

And at least if you DO submit this bullshit than dont respond to reviews with: "STFU asshole its just a joke", when ppl find it abusive - cuz it is.

Have a nice day.

Irrious responds:

shut up, jew

heh free muffins

not ur average comic but it was funny and yea i know its a hitler joke but im saying i ever see anyone wit a dressed like him someones losing an arm anyways yea it was good laughed my ass off.