Reviews for "Hitler and Dave"

It just wouldn't end!!

Well, the pig just sucked at being the annoying yet somewhat funny character. And the sound was crap-tastic. Kind of sounded like someone put a potato bag over the microphone. The idea was kind of funny though, Just work on it.

As exciting as poking the wall

Well, there wasnt any funnie about this film... but one thing what made me give points was that f**king pig teasing hitler :'(


Its an ok movie...Not very funny. I had a pretty blank expression the whole time, other than the occasional WTF look.Its midly entertaining. It does poke fun at hitler and how most hate him and how badly he failed, but it also a little offensive. To many people make bad jew references, saying like thats jewish to express feelings like dissapointment. Next time, pick a different topic, that movie was jewish.

Made me chuckle

It made me chuckle a bit, which is good, and that with the very nice and smooth graphics and good sound is a good movie. I cant see why people think this movie is anti-semitistic it's making fun of Hitler, how can that be anti-jew?

Great movie!

I can understand that some/most people will find this movie offensive. Everyone knows, and so does the artist, that this is quite a touchy subject. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to ignore the horrors of WW2, but it has happened. ThereĀ“s not much you can do about that. And one of the ways to slowly get over these terrible events, is to laugh about it. I can hear the critics already: One of the most terrible events in the history of the world is not something you can make fun of! Blahdieblahdieblah.... If you're going to keep crying about something in the past, how are you going to start your life over again? At least try to get over it!

Any way, I've been preaching for far too long, about the movie:
I liked the concept, it had several very good moments, and the graphics were extraordinary for it's genre. The lip sync was quite fluent, although the chewing pig could get annoying at times. The ending was rather.... strange, but it was a great movie nonetheless. Keep up the good work (even if you use controversial subjects)!