Reviews for "Overprotective Part Two"

you get my famous awesome x2..

this is definetly going on the front page for sure!!~


nice choice of music. Good job!

Verry nice my friend!

First of all i love how much detail your character design has. Also the sound and graphics on this one is SO much better and i liked the little kid and the slightly older one with braces little argument and that amused me along with the kid getting his gonads gutted by the chair XD all in all i loved it i long for your tallent in flash... i really should work on it now that i got the program but damn seeing this makes me wish i chould just have flash skills now and just make one D=
so yeah

heh heh heh yeah it was funny

Graphics: 10- the frame rate was great and really smooth drawings made it the bast it could be

style: 10- u get a ten here ecause u dont see many of these type of movies on newgrounds.

sound: 8- u did use thhe hafelife counterstrike footstep but it worked well

violence: 9 what more can i say just great

interactivity: 0 well we dont really do anything but it is a flash movie however so u dont lose any pionts here

humor: 10 it was really funny so that was y i gave it a ten.

overall: 10- it was really good and we need to see another soon.

P.S for all those who want to know the ninja fight song it is NOBODY'S LISTENING BY LINKIN PARK

u fuckin rock

i just want to let u kno that this is in my opion the best flash on newgrounds its my favorite ever please make a part 3!!