Reviews for "Overprotective Part Two"

you get my famous awesome x2..

this is definetly going on the front page for sure!!~

I Dig your animation style

I think my favorite part..which is kinda wierd..was the Timing of the sound FX you used after you had the character Smash that guy's head against the wall, breaking his face mask.
There was the Left foot, right foot, then body hitting the ground that I just really liked the Timing on.
Good job.

Sikes responds:

Well it's good to know I have something for everyone, lol.


THAT WAS AWESOME! The animation was so smooth and the action was non-stop and kickass. Not to mention the voices fit the characters very well! Can't wait for part three!

Sikes responds:

Glad you liked it man, part three is already in the works.

Kick ass!

"Overprotective" was the first flash I saw here at newgrounds, and for years I kept trying to find it again and add it to my favorites, but alas, I figured it had been deleted, but thanks to your sequel I've finally found it! The graphics were nothing short of excellent, the music was well done, as was the voice acting. Like the last person said, though, "I'll make you wish you were never born" is a bit cliche-ish. Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see part 3!

Sikes responds:

Well it's good to know I have fans paying attention to my series, hahaha. Glad you liked it man. I promise to pump my next flash full of never-before-done lines like the part where Reuben shoots a guy and says "The turkey's white meat is only rented for Tuesday." Or the part where Leeland jump kicks this kid and shouts "Not brown, seven sticks won't tune out!" I know that I'VE never seen these lines used anywhere, so they CAN'T be cliche.


i wish i knew you in real life Sike so i could tell you how bad ass this flash is... i wish i made flashes this bad ass...
i would recomend checking out ''Mathew Figures it Out'' it pwns a little less then this