Reviews for "Overprotective Part Two"

Holy shit.... NICE!!!!

Dude, if you ever stop this series, someone will kill you, I swear...
This is one of the best flash movies ive ever seen, i truly want to say this IS the best flash movie ive ever seen, but theres always the next episode :) KEEP GOIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i voted 5 on the first part...

i wish i could vote 20 on this!!! this is lust awesome,quit whatever youre doing and get started on the next part right away!!!

Sikes responds:

Already in the works.


the makings of greatness, if you ujst took your time to make a full-length movie outah dis you could be a big hit, and tons uh doe


nice choice of music. Good job!


i really like the series and the music!!! i am glad someone finnaly puts on some good music!! like drowning pool ( the old one i dont like the new one!) and prodigy on your last flash!! but i dont know the rap song on this one but still good storyling awesome action mouths go with words music is frikin awesome!!! this will be one of my most anticapated flashes of the year(s)!!!!