Reviews for "Deeezzz Nuuuts Movie 1"


Fo Shegro My Negro1
Taht wuz teh schizit fo rizzzit
But y
y didn't the dinosaur eat the stormtrooper?

A question for the ages...


Damn, dude! Nice film, love the overall style, seeing as it's one of the first of its kind that I've seen on NG. t3h r@nd0mn3ss kix @zz(w00t^^), but I agree with Langston over there, an equally random script would pwn. Also, if there's anything you can do about the video quality....er....yeah....no offense....but it kinda sux0rz. I mean, I know that there aren't too many good pc cameras for a decent price out there, but....yeah....it sucks ass ^^'.


- Blitzai

You must adapt a vision otherwise why bother

i would have given this a higher rating if you just had some crappy random dialog. It's OK to be random but first ask yourself, why would somebody watch this?

same film but here's a script:
"I have too many eyes"
"You will never ddevour me"
"Boba Fett you raped my mother and now you must die"
"NOOOO It wan't me seriously


could have been better but congrats you made it


Good enough to keep, but not enough to be memorable. Make it more random, more bizarre!

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