Reviews for "Deeezzz Nuuuts Movie 1"


yay for mations!


Some ozzy ozborne music. I do not like boring text readings in flash movies.... but legos are great. This is some very fast paced animating. Doesn't really fit the speed of the music... but whatever. It's always good to watch some violence with legos and clay. nice work.


You should have had the Stormtrooper and the Ninja in the alamo-fort smoking weed at one point. That would have been hilarious. An otherwise interesting film.

deeezzz-nuuuts responds:

that would have bin funny but i was going for stupidness.


Damn, dude! Nice film, love the overall style, seeing as it's one of the first of its kind that I've seen on NG. t3h r@nd0mn3ss kix @zz(w00t^^), but I agree with Langston over there, an equally random script would pwn. Also, if there's anything you can do about the video quality....er....yeah....no offense....but it kinda sux0rz. I mean, I know that there aren't too many good pc cameras for a decent price out there, but....yeah....it sucks ass ^^'.


- Blitzai


Good enough to keep, but not enough to be memorable. Make it more random, more bizarre!

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