Reviews for "Deeezzz Nuuuts Movie 1"


Even in claymation, it's helpful to set up your shots so that we can actually see what's going on. Sometimes the lights and the quality of the film really obscure exactly who the characters are, and the fact that you've got all this shakiness and fast movement in a low framerate isn't helping. Frame your shots so that the characters are visible - an over the shoulder look basically confuses the whole thing and it's already quite strange.


You should have had the Stormtrooper and the Ninja in the alamo-fort smoking weed at one point. That would have been hilarious. An otherwise interesting film.

deeezzz-nuuuts responds:

that would have bin funny but i was going for stupidness.


This made no sense! but it did make me giggle, so you get 5 for an enjoyable, if somewhat confusing movie.

deeezzz-nuuuts responds:

it had no meaning so i just animated.


Some ozzy ozborne music. I do not like boring text readings in flash movies.... but legos are great. This is some very fast paced animating. Doesn't really fit the speed of the music... but whatever. It's always good to watch some violence with legos and clay. nice work.


This is the best piece of crap i have ever seen!!!! this should be on front page!!! excelent humor, great animation, perfect syncing with the sound, best violence ever, overall a 10!!!!!!! awesome i demand you made at least 5 movies a day for the rest of your life!!!!!!!! you are my favorite author!!! you sir are awesome! good job make more!

p.s. it was only good because it was made in my room...

deeezzz-nuuuts responds:

neonfox your just mad because your gay.
P.S. ha ha