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Reviews for "O&A Advertisement #1"

You kick my dog!

One thing to say:

The dog (in the movie) wasn't kicked in the liver.

JohnnyUtah responds:



That was some funny shit right there.

KInda funny , but not very acccurate

When you consider the FACT that XM is getting the shit kicked out of it by the Sirius Corporation (Sirius is a consteallation known as the Dog Star.. hence the dog mascot) this really doesnt make sense. Im for funny stuff but also for accurate stuff. What will happen if XM and Sirius do merege? Will Stern spank O and A to Afternoons? You know that Sirius will become the parent corporation, this has already been established, and this is kind surprising considering the two year headstart that XM had on the market. As for me, I can listen to both shows but its obvious to the big boys that Stern still has more prestige.

JohnnyUtah responds:

you're kind of an asshole aren't you?


DUDE, i love o&a, the virus spreeding acrost the nation, on supention right now from xm cause of the imus thing, But, did u mean for the dog to look like the sirius dog? If u did, it would be that much funnier.

Don't they make pat'e outta DOG Liver?

Nice! I h8 dogs NEway. Dogs bite (heh). I just like that lil cartoon so much. thanx 4 kickin the heck out of the dog Opie! I know U R comedians, I am cracking a few funnies here myself, you know. I liked the 'toon a lot and gave you a 5 for it! Thank you. I don't like Stern, so I do not have the Sirius radio thing. Sorry, folx. Dig your humor, though! You make me laugh, guys. Keep it coming, dudes. Thanks a lot. Kick 'em while you can!