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Reviews for "O&A Advertisement #1"

Hello! Hahahahah!

i don't give a dman who you are. But i thought that this was some funny shit for such a short flash. O&A turns up the heat and pisses Animal Rights Assholes off.

great job

do one with a suv pulling out of a driveway and running over that sirius doggy.

make the dog say i trusted you, you hook nosed fuck.

Um, no.

I don't think there is anything funny about animal abuse....at ALL. Think of something else to do, I mean seriously. I loved you guys until this point. This wasn't cool and I'm sure you know it and just don't care, I wouldn't be surprised. Just, PLEASE think of something else to waste your time with and not animal abuse. Thank you.


I realize that this is a promotion and that it's likely that Opie never did do that to the dog, but I don't know... For one I'm don't usually even like jokes about animal cruelty, even though some can be funny... This was okay. I didn't like it too much, but I guess it really is a testament to the amazing humor of Opie and Anthony.

spread the virus

nice flash utah...now onto the dickheads that review this: if u don't get it...don't review it, dumbasses. it's an inside reference, and from what i can tell, none of you that gave this a bad review are inside. oh, and please stop trying your hands at insults. i sentence you all to moonachi. everyone who didn't like this and thinks they have balls, then go to wackbag and share your opinion. utah: keep up the good work, and may you always fling your poker chips high

JohnnyUtah responds:

man, that almost brought a tear to my eye.