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Reviews for "O&A Advertisement #1"

Nice and smooth.

You have talent man use it for cartoons like that.


The crew must have its reasons but stil....I don't liked it, maybe if it would be longer...
But anyway, I don't know the O&A advertisement thingy so...maybe I'm missing the point..

Oh well

Made me chuckle.

I don't know what this O&A show is, but this definitely made me laugh. It may have been just a matter of seconds long, but I don't think it should have been any longer. I just guess this is the random comedy style I like. Great short.


I want to see you produce something!

(That was pretty sad) You have talent in Flash. USE IT!

The graphics there were excellent. You might even want to try teaming up with someone.

wtf weird

kinda sick i mean i like ogs u ppl might not and btw this kinda suked it was what 10 seconds long.