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Reviews for "Sungazer (OM)"

Truly a MASTERPIECE!!!!!!

This is PROFESSIONAL WORK and you should be PAID to give this kind of music!

I'm downloading before i have to pay for this >.<

Kr1z responds:

Thanks matey ;)

omg the arp is wonderful

And the lead is awesome too!!!! Very nice quite calmful song. Some parts remind me of tiësto

Overal: really good song!

5/5, 10/10, fav and download.


Kr1z responds:

Haha thx :D

I made the arp synth and pattern myself.
Glad you liked it!

Tiësto eh? =D


10/10 Production : Very solid progressiv trance (uplifting song) a masterpaice. Well worked sidechains, not bad melodys its actully very nice pluck and uplifting pad works, i could suggest is maybe add something backround piano or something even more uplifting but its very fine work.

9/10 Songwriting: Intro is ok alittle simpel maybe, but its actully very not bad,
Pad Breakdown maybe came like a boom i feel it could maybe have an solid intro faded bassline. Pluck Breakdown is actully very good job. after that song flowing very nice. The outro is very nice done.

10/10 Enjoyment: I like it its very classic (prog trance.) Good mixing, its actully working well listen with monitors and add it to favorits. Keep work what u doing u have some talent skill behind this maybe even u could try puplic release to singel u should try my friend.

Review Summary 10/10 and 5/5 / TN ps sorry if english is abit rusty not iam not best with english grammar :)

Oh goodness.

This was fucking awesome! I love the long intro, it's very epic. Don't fret about it, people just need to be patient and should enjoy it.The whole song was pretty much a journey through the emotions that this song evokes. And it was nice of you to write the breakdown of the whole song.

Only change suggestion... that anticlimax. Still still, this song is amazing and quite delicious.


"I love this song, it sounds cool and awesome, it's a great song, man, thanks. And remember, TRANCE ROCKS, MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"