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Reviews for "Sungazer (OM)"

Good Warning

I always read what is to be said. And if that was not something you said, you would have not recieved this review.

I hate long intros, really, and progressive is not my favorite. But it did pick up. It was pretty sweet as soon as you had some synth bass going. It had a kick to it.

The Pad has a nice feeling too, but you have to realise. By this time, this could be the bridge halfway into the song. Then the pluck was really nice.

About 2:30, i like the synth. But an anticlimax, i have learned, is not a good idea. Well done, though.

And your melody digitally kicked my ass. Great work.

I expected to hate this song, then commend you for it. Now i will download it. Kr1z strikes me again. How do you do it?



i can see uve made a perfect trance song, its really long and takes a while to get to most parts, but that could be a pro to some and a con to others. great job.

i enjoy it a lot

I agree with it being somewhat slow at times, primarily beginning and end, but sometimes it's needed. Otherwise, very good.


best trance song ive heard on NG so far...brutal drum pace,brutal main melody and pefectly mastered. Not too long man, definetly not too long just the way it should be as the guy before me said. Anticlimax is also great dont be unsure about it....
For me the pad breakdown along with pluck were the most beautiful part of your song...but thats me

dJ cAR

It's Perfect the way it is :)

I always like long intros, Progressive Trance is the best. This song does not fall short to expectations from that genre either. The people on here that don't like "slow starts" should be thankful this isn't a full Progressive Trance type track. IT get's very Melodic about halfway through, which isn't a bad thing. Both genres fit the bill for me.

I would honestly have to say this is your best song, only because you make so few of these Trance tracks and they are a rare occasion when you submit them. Everything is in top notch here, and could honestly be sold if you wanted it to be... Not joking.

Anyways, excellent job. NG should be lucky to have this song on here :D