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Reviews for "Sungazer (OM)"


Dude I can't think of much to say about this. I'll leave all my positive thoughts at a given and just let you know about the ONE negative thing I can come up with... which is that 3:00 seemed to be lacking some sort of build up element. But then the song progresses a bit more and its so amazing that you just kind of forget it ever happened!

For real. Perfect sounds, awesome melodies, everything just blends so well and sets a great atmosphere. I love it!

Nice work!

Kr1z responds:

Thanks for the review man :D

Just one thing...

Make more music please! Also, I think this is your best song so far. 5ed and downloaded.

Kr1z responds:

Will do. Thx!!

Nice Song

It sounded nice and clean. It sounded professional and well done. The melody was relatively generic but not boring or annoying. Nice but not amazing. The bass was nice, not too much, not too little. It did seem to get a tiny bit repetitive with the rhythm a little bit which was a bit uninteresting (wow I used little and bit way too much in that sentence). Sounded like you put in a lot of effort and the whole song was nice from start to end which was impressive since usually the songs that go over 5 minutes get pretty repetitive or boring in parts which was avoided for the most part in this song. I thought the intro wasn't that captivating. It didn't really pull the listener in like some song beginnings. Overall, well done. Good song. Hope this was helpful though it probably didn't say much that was new. 5/5 10/10.

Kr1z responds:

It gets repeative indeed, that happens when I make a 6+ min song xD
Long intro's and buildups are part of the genre.

Thx for your honest opinion dude!!

Great Song!! Keep up the good work!!!

But how come when i downloaded it... it was only 15 seconds long? i know it's 6:37 long.

Kr1z responds:

I tried to DL, it worked correctly. Perhaps retry :$

Thanks for the 10 :D


Hey this is sweet your doing great keep the great rhythm up, and you'll make it far. This is going in my collection (because I keep a whole folder of NG techno and trance :P) you did great keep up the great work