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Reviews for "Sungazer (OM)"

Interesting :)

nice job!

ive noticed your music has been getting continualy better and this one is awsome!good job continualy addign more instraments/beats wile it was still nice and smooth along with all the beats being related

nice!!! (only too repetive)

i love it... but its too repetive for me
i would prefere a version with more changes or it has to be smaller
too long drum intros/outros yust bores me (aspecialy if it has both in the same song...)
but i love the calm style and the nice melody!!!! so i hope you make more like this one!!! (only less repetive i hope :P)
and i guess i got to check your songs again, because i only know your older ReMotion style songs

btw... do you have a shorter version of this song???
if you do then where can i find it? i would deffenitle download it then

Brilliant, Mate!

Dude, you are a brill tune maker indeed. I got this track off F-777, and it was a brill choice. Somehow, this reminds me of ATB 9pm (Till I Come) mixed with William Orbits Adagio of Strings. Well done!

Kr1z responds:

Thx for the review bro ^^

My Favourite Song Till Now

Hei my friend.. this one is marvelous.
Really.. i keep on listenin it always.
Bass is awesome, chords as well.
The more i listen to it the more i fall in love with it :|

If just it would be shorter...

Kr1z responds:

Thanks man!