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Reviews for "Zelda: Alternate Form"

Ehh......Not to bad

I think it was good but you could have done a little bit better!!
Please keep on making flash movies!

That was nice

It was OK, I liked the music, but about the easter egg. Was that supposed to be crap that Toad was throwing?

Advanced-Logic responds:

That's Arnie, the special retainer from an easter egg on RotMK4. Randy let me use him xD ROFLCOPTER

Now that was funny...

Where in the world did you find that voice? That was flawless.
Wish there were more easter eggs though. I was half expecting a fairy easter egg somewhere. Well done.


nice easter egg but it was a little to easy to find i watched it once and then found the easter egg the first time i looked for it.but still funny.


Very Funny! LOL!
Where'd you get the Luigi voice?

Ah, it doesnt matter.

I'd like to see THAT in the real game! XD