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Reviews for "Zelda: Alternate Form"

I mite be a big Zelda Fan

but I have to say that was pretty good.

wow,that was a real great sprite short

i found it hilarous,especially the luigi part,great job ^_^

I don't know what to say...

The dancing Luigi was pretty cool... but everything else was... I'll quote another newgrounds user with the best quote ever... "That hurt my vagina..." LOL!


i dont know where you came up with that crap but it sucked horrible ive seen hald brain dead people make better looking things than that you need to work more on makeing better material or just give up all together

god damnit

god damnit there are way to many zelda tiem flash out there shit shit fuck shit anyways good flash but there getting old!!!!!!

Advanced-Logic responds:

Too many? There aren't even enough compared to Mario Flash! XP