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Reviews for "Zelda: Alternate Form"

Very funny!

Good job on this flash! Nicely ripped sprites, good hunor, and good flow with the sound effects and everything, I have to say though i wasn't to fond of the music you used for the light world, but thats more difference in taste then anythign else. Great job!

Poor link...

That was funny, and with the mario/luigi (can't spell) bit.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!
Thunb up!

It was good:)

Nice flash you got there are you going to make more of Zelda?? (hope so)

To bad Link has been PWND..oh well^_^
That music in the beginning, was so familiar to me..what was it? Plz tell me, i'm curious:P

Hope i'll get to see more of this:)

Advanced-Logic responds:

It's from Donkey Kong Country 2, it's called Stickerbrush Symphony.

harumph, (giggles) HAAA!!!hahahahahhahahahhaha!

hey, this is good stuff! I like it! Verily you have flair and style! this Dark lord hopes to see more stuff from you soon!

Nice One

I have always been a big fan of Zelda games and it's good to see that people are still making movies of them.