Reviews for ""The Fox and the Mirrior""

Just as good years later

I can remember watching this years and years ago, loving every moment of it. It's hard to see something still look great once you gain more experience, but I'm still in love with it! This is amazing!

Nice animation!

It's rare to see something as good at this. Where did you get the inspiration? I can't get any. By the way I thought she turned into a zombie. Keep it up! :)


The is REALLY good animation (not many people can animate this nicely at all, let alone with pencils). You truly deserve all the praise you get-- I laughed at the dedication to god.


Ive always found this to be a very beautifully done animation, and the artistic value it presents I think is underappreciated

amazing animation

far better than some of the animation you see on TV. :D
so awesome... great drawings and great music! this is sooo cool! keep it up!