Reviews for ""The Fox and the Mirrior""

Best thing this isnt just a little video,

This IS art!

Ohgawsh o3o

This.. is amazing..
You put so much work into it, and it really shows.
It's pretty set apart from most of the other animation submissions here as well, since it IS all done by pencil.
Even more impressive is that it's your first animation, and it came out this awesomely x3

very nice

it is a calming animation and what the mirror represents is true-are worst enemy is ourself.

I loved it!

You captured the emotions just well..it was amazing.

The song goes great and it's true..

The worse ememy is ourselves..

Liked it.

I loved the storyline and characters. I think it would have been better if you kept the fox more like an animal and less human. Overall I thought it was great!