Reviews for ""The Fox and the Mirrior""


5 stars for drawing i respect that -5 for mirror being misspelt on title and for being a furry.

out standing

great, its just amizing

just your first animatioN???

i gotta say im glad you cleared all out in the information above but i got the poit of the movie from the first time i saw it. i think you should erase that part because people should get it from their pont of view, still magnificent.


dude,that was deep, i admire how much effert you put into this. this is most likely the best black and wight short ive ever seen, if you ever do another ill gladly watch it to.


wow that must have been A BUNCH of work... but let me tell you it is beautiful and etremely well drawn and the music is a great fit the i├žonly trhing is that im not sure i understand it all... is it the facing the moster within type scenario? the fox was hot for a fox too... what a foxy fox lol