Reviews for "Penguin Polka"



Where has all teh Bush Movie's gone!!!!!!!!

when are u going to make the 4th Bush Movie? this game is ok but I wanna see another Bush Movie! ok I know it takes along time to make but I wanna see another one soon :( and I hope I don't get the same kind of response ukza? ok ^_^' so when are u going to make another Bush Movie and did I say I like seeing Bush acting like a Jackass lol ^_^' the game is ok but... u should add some level's ^_^' well Peace!

IIPhase responds:

There are more Bush movies in my brain and they will come soon But first i'm working on Flash movie called Forseeing
It's a long thriller staged in Medieval
Times...... hope You will like it!!!

Penguin Shit

There is not reson in the world to wast your time by playing a sad ass game. There is no comedy or violence! I can't belive you even call this a game! You are even lucky to get a 3!

IIPhase responds:

Mister ukza you like robin williams and madona? and you are 13 years old do your parents approve you using the s...

Wheres the polka?

I wouldnt really say the penguin was doing the polka but this game pretty damn good but its pretty easy i finished with 1 sec

2 seconds MAFAKKA

I did it in 2 seconds MAFAKKAS, better my score, better it DAMMIT.