Reviews for "Penguin Polka"

Where has all teh Bush Movie's gone!!!!!!!!

when are u going to make the 4th Bush Movie? this game is ok but I wanna see another Bush Movie! ok I know it takes along time to make but I wanna see another one soon :( and I hope I don't get the same kind of response ukza? ok ^_^' so when are u going to make another Bush Movie and did I say I like seeing Bush acting like a Jackass lol ^_^' the game is ok but... u should add some level's ^_^' well Peace!

IIPhase responds:

There are more Bush movies in my brain and they will come soon But first i'm working on Flash movie called Forseeing
It's a long thriller staged in Medieval
Times...... hope You will like it!!!


nice game beat 0 sec before the ice breaks (i think you can't go under 0,lol)

2 seconds MAFAKKA

I did it in 2 seconds MAFAKKAS, better my score, better it DAMMIT.


I don't get it... you have no idea of when the ice will break... but yet when it spreads way out, you still have like 11 seconds before the ice breaks... It is a little confusing.

Poor design

it was a very basic game... and very short and easy.

well I dont blame you... after all its from 2001