Reviews for "Penguin Polka"


yay thats fun. good job.

Kinda liked it...

Graphics: They were ALMOST perfect, but not TOO great
Style: I don't know what I am supposed to be rating here
Sound: I HATE that music
Violence: There wasn't really any
Interactivity: All you could do was click start (won't give you points for that) and click a button.
Humour: It wasn't really funny
Overall: I could've liked it more.
My little brother (known as tail3736) showed this to me. He got 0 on one try.

i thought it was a complete waste of time

The only gd thing bout the game is tryin to get off the ice at 0 its a gd idea, i just feel u cud of dun so much more i got 0 on my third go cause my first i didnt no wat i was doin lol but i did find it easy and boarin didnt find it at all amusin i need to b more challenged better luck next time

Well then..

I had no idea what i was doing and the first time I got a 0 second score...horray!? Overall it's pretty nifty...you've got a penguin and polka music, nothing wrong with that!

i got down to 1 second!

but somehow, i dont feel that ive made something of myself....not quite worthy of being called a lifetime achievement.......