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Reviews for "Nutty McNuts"

definately a fun and unique game

never played anything like this before. had trouble vreating a username, so i couldn't try out the level editor, but it seems like a good idea. definately a good gmae

Great game man, tho a bit hard...

It's hard to get the timing right but im sure with practice it'd be a lot easier. Fun fun fun!

[["WTF?!?!?!? April 27, 2005
Reviewed by: Llama_brains
looks like an ok game but the bitch did not work"]]

so why did you vote dumbass if YOU dont know how to work a computer...


looks like an ok game but the bitch did not work

Wow wtf.

This game is glitched to hell, you hit a bumber and keep going back and forth, then disappear, and then the self destruct doesn't work. Fix the glitches and it's good


sweet game but either I suck or its a bit hard