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Reviews for "Nutty McNuts"

I almost pissed myself laughing

This has to be one of the most funny games I have ever played on NG. Nothing like shooting a squirrel into a saw!

very fun but 1 thing

ppl r stealing my map!! its map # 2052 and my username is bullet boy and i dont like ppl who steal my work try :( but nobody can do nething about that(btw u can play my map if u want its cool if i do say so myself :D

After 1 min. of gameplay it gets kindda boring.

After that all you get is nothing but a bleeding anus and a baby.

not bad abit boring......

it kinda sucked SHIT!!!!

holy cow

That has to be the hardest flash game I've ever played. I just cannot figure out 2-1 Disco Inferno, the last one keeping me from opening Level 3. Impossible. I'm just not lucky enough to play this game.

Other than an annoying voice recording, top marks on this game. It's really fun, yet impossible.