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Reviews for "Nutty McNuts"

This game has been in my favorites cue for many years now. Maybe all of the game play hasn't kept up with the times, but!
1) If you get stuck in a loop, do what the author says, and hit the frikkin' K button! That's why it's there for!
2) If you don't know where you're going, you're going to die. Use the S button to scroll and check out the timings and obstacles ahead of you.
3) The squirrel (NMN) is SUPPOSED to be annoying. All the more fun when (s?)he dies!
4) Diggety-diggety-doo!


this shit sucks ass i've never seen such a shitty game.

broke game on first shot

he is stuck between two targets maybe you make it have a restart button


Wow what a game. I can't believe I'm making a review for this piece of shit, Well it wasn't all bad the only thing that entertained me and amused me was the explosion of the squeaky ugly and annoying bitchy squirrel.

somewhat impossible

it is amusing however in certain points it is nearly impossible to make it any further without dying.