Reviews for "{dj-N} Skydivin'"


I love the synth and the kick just gives it a good flavour and all the complexity of this song its just all so amazing the vocals (reviewing as listening) i love the melo the structure of the song is also amazing. Ive notice that you use this synth in most of your songs and i like it that way it represents your style and music.

~Crakle~ 5/5 10/10

Dear God YES!!!

An original masterpiece...simple amazing.I loved every second of the song; yet again faved and max rated!

i dont no whats wierder

the fact that i think i just firered my cannon or the fact ive listend to this 14 times i think

nice choice of lyrics

Good Shit

Good remix man, i got away from techo/trance lately but now im getting back into it after hearing some more of ur music. Keep it up man.

I never heard of Darren Styles before now im gonna have to him up.

PS- this is brian from jjc

great great great great

Great lyrics, great beat, great voice, great song altogether