Reviews for "{dj-N} Skydivin'"




dj-Nate responds:



0:34 makes my hair stand straight
I didn't really like your previous songs with vocals, but this one makes it all okay.
I think this remix is much better then the original song.
About everything is perfect in this song.


I accidentally stumbled upon one of your songs a few weeks back and I gotta say, no other trance songs will compare to you Nate. I've searched many other artists on here and nothing has compared to you and for a while there I was a little disappointed in your change, but this is just.... wow. You sir, and a God of Trance. Sorry I ever doubted you. Please.... PLEASE, keep up the great work! I have a CD titled DJ~N, I'm making another one of what i consider to be your best works. You sir, yes you; ....you make me cream in pants, so to speak!

(-o'.')-o o-(*.'o-)
Boxing kirby's think that Dj Nate is
[]D [] []\/[] []D [] []\[]

Great remix

Good remix. I like the rolling/ synth beat.

This song sounds like it would be in a movie or something! It sounds really really really really good.