Reviews for "Operation: Kill Everyone"

Dude, Tiger Chick is wrong

You did good, man. I happen to have just played the Splinter Cell series, and this is a complete rip-off.. I love it! It's so much fun to use the cursor to make the guy sneak up behind someone and slit their throat or shoot them in the head with a pistol. Haha it's classic, dude. I think that you certainly were paying attention to details when you made him glance side to side every once in a while. Seriously, good job. I loved the night vision and thermal vision parts, but might I suggest prompting the player to switch to the alternate vision mode? Took me a second to realize I was supposed to do that. Well, my review's gotten really long so I'm gonna stop now because long reviews, while helpful, are annoying *wink.*

PS: Tiger_Chick... where the hell does it say he was making a shooting game!?

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joe-kangaroo responds:

Thanks man, that tiger Chick is a dumb fuck so it doens't matter what they say, your review is much better.

Lacks the main meat -a game

Well, I’m afraid I have a lot of suggestions for this one. This seems like a challenging and interesting shooter, but is it really that much of a shooting game? There just doesn’t seem to be enough interactivity in the game and besides, I get the feeling that the computer does most of the game-play for you, not the actual player……
First off, graphics. About average. The graphics looked very MS Painted and I almost got the impression that you had drawn most of your graphics using a ready-made shape tool in paint, either that or you hadn’t put much effort into it. The characters didn’t look too impressive and basically just looked like thicker versions of stick figures in some cases. I think it would be better if you made the graphics look a little more realistic, SOME realism would obviously be good in this because certainly in the characters you should make them seem more life-like. For example add animations of the guards breathing in and out, and make animations for other objects in your environment. Such as the water running along in the first scene, I was pretty disappointed at the childish look of it and especially when I discovered that you could place your character behind it. You also need to give more detail in the environment other than just a grey background, for example alarms on the walls and brickwork patterns ect. I cannot really give this a good score for animations because there were next to none, the whole game looked and moved along in a very stiff and jerky manner. Such as the guards just turned around a few times to try and ‘spot’ you, why not make animations for the guards walking up and down the screen in a fluent motion? Make the surveillance camera swing around from side to side, and you have to time your moves right and get past it when it isn’t facing you, instead of it just sitting there stubbornly doing nothing and then s if ‘by magic’ detecting you. Next, sounds. Pretty standard, I liked the sound effects as you fired your gun and the alarms, also when you gulped and got shot to death when detected. I think you really need to add background music because that is the main thing that’s missing, and also sound effects and speech from the guards – for example they could exclaim “what was that?” when you make a noise.
Finally, game-play. Sadly this aspect has real potential but just can’t really cut it due to some big letdowns. I liked the shooting action and the little mini-game of getting around the maze, but the action in this is pretty much mute. I hate the fact that to move about you just float around using your cursor, and you just click on something to do an action. I feel that the computer does the game for me more than I do, like I click on a character and the computer automatically shoots him for me. As the player WE should be controlling what goes on. This also means that to not get detected you just float above a guard’s head, this really does diminish the point of the game, which seems to be based around stealth. What’s so stealthy when you can just suddenly float over a guard’s head? Obviously I want to be able to control the character myself using arrow buttons, with a target to aim to gun and shoot people – MY way, not the computer’s way. You really want to breath LIFE into the game and the surroundings, add human characteristics into the characters of the game. Add a noise meter depending on how much noise you are making walking. Guards could swing round at you with a torch and sound an alarm and shoot when they see you, and then become calm again if you run away and hide. I also want to point out that you can just skip scenes to beat the game, so you may want to change this.
Overall, a game which has good potential if it weren’t for some silly elements overlooked and important letdowns. I feel as if you ignored so much and included so little, and the computer probably does as much as I do in the game. Nevertheless, well done and I hope you found my suggestions helpful :)

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joe-kangaroo responds:

Wow what a long, shitty review. It isn't a shooting game though. No part of it is shooting, so i'm not going to read the rest, HA! You wasted your time!

i got lost in the darkness

in one scene there was a light swoch i hit it then i couldnt do anything otherwiz fun as hell game

joe-kangaroo responds:

Press "n" for night vision. Thanks for the score!


make more dude that was one of the most wicked,cool,smart games,strategy games i've played in a few years!!! im waiting for more make some more infact this should be on the front page and get first place and be a series!!! don't let me down by not makin another one u r so talented so make more i begg u im on my knees please please please yep its that good EVERYONE PLAY THIS ITS A MUST PLAY YEEEEEEE!!!

joe-kangaroo responds:

Wow thanks, i guess you like it more than i do!

Good Game

I like it. It was very fun and sorta challenging. A way to spend the next 5-10 mins. Joe: you could maybe fix the part with the computer. I couldn't get off it until i randomly hit stuff. But i did like the whole Metal Gear Solid theme

joe-kangaroo responds:

Metal gear AND splinter cell. But thanks, and also, i liked where you refered to me as "Joe" not dude or asshole. Cool.