Reviews for "Operation: Kill Everyone"

it rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great stuff!

the mazes are so hard!!!! but otherwise realy good make more

joe-kangaroo responds:

Thanks, number two is been made right now!

Very nice

Had fun playin' it. Great job.

joe-kangaroo responds:


Best thing i have ever seen, original/sexy enemy

That is right good. i love the original control system. the best part is where the player can effectivly fly over his enemies heads, as he is so stealthy. i also enjoyed the fact that the user MUST read the instructions to realise how to use the googles, bet this has confused so many people, good idea. The last boss is enjoyable. I like the way he looks, MAKE A GAME CENTERED ON HIM. The graphics are ace, they are too realistic for me to even understand the dimensions of everything. 5-D? did i mention how the main enemy looks right good. he is very powerful/intimidating.

joe-kangaroo responds:

Thanks, the enemy is based on someone in real life, a stallion of a man, with a huge mouth full of teeth so beautiful you would fall to your knees and weep. Unfortunatly he's an asshole.

Can I be honest? Like you can stop me...

Well I wanted to like the game when I saw what kind of control scheme it used, and to an extent, I do enjoy it... but damn man, in a word - TOUCHY...

I will admit, however, that for a first try at making a Flash game, you did a good job considering it's more detailed than some of the current vote-getters out there. It's not exactly a diamond in the rough, but it makes sense while you're playing it... or something. So says Dr. "I need sleep" Manhattan...

joe-kangaroo responds:

Thanks for the review say joe "has a stupid name" kangaroo

Good or bad. I didn't like it.

Man. Not so good. Maybe an average game, nothing more. Yes. Thank you.

joe-kangaroo responds:

I liked it...