Reviews for "Operation: Kill Everyone"

I dont know..

Some parts are good, the way you play, 3rd person strange kinda thing, is really cool but the floating through air is gay, and the lasers r crap. But I liked the game, quite fun. Btw, thers a bug wher u double click the icon for the lasers and you dont have to put in the password. Okay game though. Make more without the floating and the bugs.

joe-kangaroo responds:

Yeah, it was sorta rushed, number 2 will rock harder.


This should be frontpage IMHO... I love it. I cant find out what to do after you fall on the scientist tho... damn infra red lazers... :( only thing id improve on is the gfx. if you made the gfx better this would be the PERFECT stealth game for flash. i fifened it :D

joe-kangaroo responds:

Press "t". Then you can see the lasers! Thanks for the 10

wow good game

but i found alot of things you can cheat on

but i aint tellen anybody ;)

joe-kangaroo responds:

Take it its the computer bit, the final boss and the laser trip wires?


THAT WAS REALLY GOOD! i LIKE THE STYLE- make more!!!!!!!!!!

joe-kangaroo responds:

Thanks alot man!


Great work dude.this is an instatn classic nomatter what any body says.the game is so good you should make another!

joe-kangaroo responds:

You're right, it's so good, i might just make another...