Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

wow amazing

some peoples reviews are complete crap some people arent realizing the amount of detial and timeput into the shading and texture of this movie. this is some real art good job great stuff


Not one of the greatest flicks i've seen, but it was well laid out.


buddy u cant be serrious. That wuz stupid. Credits for story line but wtf..... Dead person and he goes in why? Like shit the ongly good one u have made is the Toy Story parodie.


That was gay. That didn't even make sence. This guy is just walking around, follows a gunshoot, then get shot himself. That was really retarted. No point in watching that at all. (now that i am don't bitching about the story i thought your graphics were pretty good, the music matched the senorio, and it would have been ok if something eles happened)

Great for the time that it was made

Although your most recent work is better (as it should be) this was one of the best for its time. By the way, i know the music is by portished, but what is the song called as i have been looking for it. Keep up the animation