Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

rhymes with clucking flight

GOD DAMN! THAT'S THE MOST RUBBISH FLASH EVER AND I'VE SEEN A LOT OF FLASH MOVIES! THIS SUCKS! Your toy story, terminator etc things are good though


That was excellent. Razzo you've got some of the best stuff, I've never been disappointed. Keep em coming.

I like the music after the you see the corpse. I've been looking for that song you used. I know It's by Portishead but I still can't find it... damn


Great animation. I especially likes the dead body. You would be good at making zombie animations.


damn this is some good shit. best fuckin movie i've ever seen (flash that is) yur good man. love the style, you have some mad skillz


That was amazing. Excelent animation, fluid scene transition. You've got style and grace on a level much higher than most. Excellent work.